Elandsheim can arrange tours of the battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift.  The tour includes a description of the context of the Anglo – Zulu War and events leading up to the outbreak of hostilities in January 1879.  However, the focus of the day is a Zulu account alongside the military narrative giving a complete picture of the impact of this war.

Other battlefields and sites of historical interest in the area, such as Fugitives Drift; the site of the death of the French Prince Imperial and Blood River can be visited by prior arrangement.
Tours usually last a full day, but are tailor-made to suit your particular interests and can also be arranged as a half day activity.

Guided Zululand Tour (Full Day)

buffalo riverA must for anyone who is looking for a True African Experience!
Mike Nel is a Qualified historian with a special interest in the Zulu Culture, speaking the language fluently.
He whisks you off for a day of unknowns in the surrounding rural areas.  Your day could consist of a varied list of things including: the Mangeni Falls ( a traditional sacrificial site which is still in use today), bushman Rock Art (some of which only the locals know about), Visiting un-expecting locals in their homesteads as well as ancient spear sharpening sites and smelting sites previously used by the Zulu’s for making their weaponry.
As well as all this, your guide is a “Relic Hunter” looking for antique spears and traditional bead work from the locals, often these are available for your purchase, should you be looking for such items.  Often these trips will be used to transport relief items such as clothes and shoes to these local communities. We will customize your experience to your interests.

Visit a Traditional Family in Zululand (3.5hrs)

The Zulu Homestead Visit is a very informative tour that will introduce you to the true quality of living in the heart of Zululand!  An idea of what you’ll see & do is:
Visit a traditional Zulu trading store (where you can find inexpensive Zulu pots, Zulu Shields, walking sticks & small curios).
Visit a Zulu Family, in their traditional, yet modern, way of living.  After your tour, Lunch will be served at the Lodge.

Zululand ThornveldClay Pigeon Shooting (half or full day min 2 people)

A truly different activity, great day excursion for the whole family!
This activity takes place at the Buffalo river, after a guided drive through the reserve to Kwa-Ntula camp, which has functioning ablutions, situated at the mouth of the Isibindi and Buffalo Rivers, you will get to use a shot gun to try your luck at hitting all 20 of your clay pigeons, Which is supervised by an experienced shooter. After this you will enjoy a picnic lunch on the river’s edge, and a nice refreshing swim in one of the rivers, if you like.
This is a great activity for young and old. Extra shots are available in sets of 5.
Subject to Availability.
Test your hand at a .458 and 9mm handgun as well as target shooting with .22

Other places of Interest:

  • Talana Museum:  Dundee (± 54km)
  • Battle of blood River: 1hr from Dundee (± 120km)
  • Elandskraal Store:  Elandskraal (1km)
  • Rorke’s drift Craft Centre:  Rorke’s Drift (16km)
  • Beading & Wirework Centre (by appointment only): (3km)

All tours must be booked prior to arrival. 

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